USA: 'Corporate fascism' — protesters decry GOP tax bill

Protesters rallied on the streets of Chicago on Monday evening, to decry the recent passing of a GOP tax bill by the Senate which many fear will widen economic inequality in the country. The protest took place on LaSalle Street under the motto 'Shut down LaSalle Street to protest GOP tax scam!'. Protesters held signs reading «Bend Over. Make America Great Again» and «Tax scam = Corporate fascism... Еще». The protesters believe the bill will impact negatively on public services and health care as well as racial, gender and economic equality. One protester named Maya said the bill could prevent her from going to graduate school because, it means the government will start taxing «tuition waivers» and the «money that grad assistants are getting» which she couldn't «imagine trying to pay» on a student budget. An extensive tax bill, it could affect the country's health care and education, as well as open up more land for drilling purposes. US President Donald Trump claims that the plan will generate huge economic growth by reducing corporate tax from 35 per cent to 20 per cent, but many remain skeptical.

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