USA: Controversial $500 million 'Museum of the Bible' opens for preview in DC

Tony Zeiss, 'The Museum of the Bible' Executive Director (English): «I'd say it is what it is. It's not anything. It is what it is. We are not going to lobby Congress, you can check. They don't lobby us, so we just happened to be geographically close to each other. Journalist (English): «Aren't you making a statement by being so close?» Tony Zeiss, 'The Museum of the Bible' Executive Director... Еще (English): «No, it's coincidence. This is the only building that has come open up for sale in Washington, D.C. in the past five years or six, and we grabbed it when we had a chance.» A controversial museum devoted to the Bible opened its doors for a media preview on Tuesday, in Washington, D.C, ahead of its official opening on November 17. The 430,000 square feet 'Museum of the Bible' spans over eight floors, claiming to be the world's most hi-tech museum. The privately-funded 'Museum of the Bible', located a few blocks away from the US Congress, reportedly cost some $500 million (€424 million) to build. The museum has stirred controversy since its construction. Museum officials assured that the museum had no partisan agenda, and that it would operate in a «non-sectarian» way, representing all Biblical branches. Museum's Executive Director, Tony Zeiss, denied any lobbying of US Congress, noting that the museum's proximity to it was a «coincidence.» Chairman of the museum's board, evangelical Christian billionaire Steve Green, owner of Hobby Lobby, was caught in controversy in July, when Hobby Lobby was handed a $3 million federal fine for illegally importing thousands of ancient artifacts from the Middle East.

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