USA: Confederate flags carried at Lexington Lee-Jackson Day Parade

Scores of people marched with Confederate flags in honour of Confederate Civil War generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson to mark Virginia's Lee-Jackson Day at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery in Lexington, Saturday. Participants in Civil War-era Confederate uniform fired a salute with their rifles at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery, before laying wreaths and then... Еще marching through the town carrying the Confederate flag. One rally participant Keith Hatcher proposed to his girlfirend Susan Lee, and was seen placing a ring on her finger as he clutched a Confederate flag. «The first time I ever met her was here, six or seven years ago at one of these events. So this place is special to us. Not only for Confederate reasons but for our personal reasons also,» said Hatcher. Lee-Jackson Day is a state holiday in Virginia to honour the two Confederate leaders of the military and naval forces during the US Civil War. Virginia began observing Lee's birthday on January 19, 1889, with Jackson added to the remembrance events in 1904.

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