USA: 'Claws in my neck' — saxophone player tells his story of COVID-19 survival

Mark Vinci, a musician and professor at The Julliard School, usually uses his pipes to blow on his saxophone. But after coming down with a 101 fever, he soon found himself unable to breathe. «When you can't breathe you have two choices. You either start doing jumping jacks and try to spit it out, or you do the reverse. So I curled up in a ball in a foetal position and started breathing really... Еще really low,» said Vinci, recounting the story of his long illness. After days of incapacitation, he and his wife, Jan, went to the emergency room only to find out he was suffering from COVID-19. Jan was immediately asked to leave the hospital and forced to wait out Mark's recovery. «I was so upset because I actually knew how bad it was, and I wondered if I would ever see him again,» said Jan. Both Mark and his wife have tried to make light of the illness by sharing positivity with their community, meeting new neighbours during lockdown and playing music for the whole block from their windows. «I just play a few little things for them to tell them how much I appreciate what it is that they're doing,» said Mark, seen in footage playing tunes on his trumpet. The state of New York has seen more cases of coronavirus than any other US state, and the death toll in New York City alone is one-fifth of total deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the country.

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