USA: Clashes erupt at Michigan state capitol as anti-lockdown protests continue

Hundreds of protesters in Lansing turned out on Thursday despite heavy rain to protest the ongoing lockdown measures and stay-at-home orders issued by Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer. Protesters, some of whom were reportedly armed, got rowdy among what appeared to be a heterogeneous crowd, with two participants scuffling over an American flag. «There's a lot of people that are unemployed... Еще right now, they're going to have to be recertified before they go back to work. She [Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer] could be sitting at her desk signing papers taking care of that right now,» said one speaker from the capitol steps. «It is not reasonable for a governor to exercise powers properly belonging to the legislature, especially for longer than the statute allows. It is not reasonable to interpret MCL 30.403 to allow the governor to circumvent the 28-day time limit by simply issuing new orders that address the same emergency conditions of the original order,» added another. Protests at the state capitol have been ongoing since the imposition of stay-at-home orders nearly two months ago, but the governor has not indicated any concessions to protesters in public statements.

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