USA: 'Charlotte Pride bans gay Republicans' — LGBTQ Trump supporters condemn exclusion for 2nd year in a row

A number of LGBTQ supporters of US President Donald Trump staged the so-called 'Deplorable Pride' in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sunday, after they were reportedly denied a place at the annual 'Charlotte Pride' for the second year in a row because of their support for Trump. During the rally, the Charlotte-based Republican group 'Deplorable Pride' waved rainbow flags and held placards condemning... Еще the exclusion from the pride parade. LGBT Trump supporter Brian Talbert said, «Still 100 percent definitely supporting our President, and I do believe that the president's policies that he has put in place are going to benefit the LGBT community. But today we are basically standing up and demanding our right to exist. And these are the people that we have to deal with — you see like people covering their faces, holding communist flags, but they call us the enemy. But those are the types of people that Charlotte Pride will allow into their parade, but they will not let us.»

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