USA: Buttigieg makes final bid to sway voters ahead of New Hampshire primary

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg made his final bid to voters at a campaign rally in Exeter in New Hampshire on Monday, just ahead of Tuesday's primary. Actor Kevin Costner was present on stage to introduce the former South Bend mayor. «I'm concerned that the idea that you've either got to be for a revolution or you must be for the status quo, paints a picture where most of us... Еще can't see ourselves,» said Buttigieg once he took the stage. «Don't listen to anybody who says we have to choose between a strategy to govern well and a strategy to win big, because what is going to take us over to win is also to focus on the future that's how we always win when we win the White House in my party.» Democratic presidential hopefuls are holding rallies across New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday's primary, the first in the nation after the Iowa caucuses which saw Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders leading the race.

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