USA: Bronx hospital healthcare workers protest over critical equipment shortages

Bronx nurses and hospital workers demonstrated outside the Jacobi Hospital in New York City on Saturday over severe equipment shortages and unsafe conditions in their facilities. Following CDC guidelines, nurses at the hospital have been told to re-use their N95 protective masks multiple times before discarding them, amid widespread shortages of the items. «They are told to use items over and... Еще over again. Imagine if you are given this tissue and told to use it for the entire week over and over again,» said one protester, raising a tissue in his hand. «This virus hit our shores two months ago and the federal government did nothing. Did nothing to prepare for the known N95 mask shortage,» said another hospital employee. «This crisis could have all been prevented,» he added. One A&E registered nurse implied that the government was holding back critical supplies. «We know that the federal government has the capabilities to give us the supplies and the ventilators and the IV pumps — all the stuff that we are lacking now, there are ways for us to get that,» she said. New York State is one of the worst-hit in the United States, with 59,513 confirmed cases, and 678 deaths. The US had exceeded 135,000 cases on Sunday, and has the highest confirmed number of cases in the world, according to the latest figures compiled from global reports by Johns Hopkins University.

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