USA: Brawls and arrests as students confront both Confederate «Silent Sam» statue and police

Around 1,000 students at the University of North Carolina rallied to demand the tearing down of the Silent Sam statue on their campus in Chapel Hill, Tuesday, leading to scuffles with the police. Several arrests were made which led to the protesters attempting to block a police van from leaving the campus, followed by crowds chasing the van off the university campus as police attempted to... Еще disperse them. A handful of counter-protesters also showed up to defend the statue of the Confederate soldier. «I think it's alarming that the police are standing in front of a Confederate statue that needs to be taken down and represents a system that is inherently racist and continues to be racist, but yet they're just standing there in full riot gear,» said Whitney Kouaho, a protester demanding Silent Sam's removal. The protest comes as the latest in a spate of similar protests in the name of removing Confederate statues across the US which many deem to be a glorification of America's role in the slave trade, particularly in the country's southern states.
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