USA: Border Patrol, Army fortify efforts to deter migrant caravan

A joint press conference by the US Border Patrol and the US Army in San Diego on Friday explained ongoing security procedures along the southern US border as well as the role of the troops deployed at the San Ysidro crossing. «United States Border Patrol is working diligently and my partners again to the left here with DOD to harden the border and identify vulnerabilities and close those... Еще vulnerabilities as quickly as we can,» Border Patrol San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott said. «That includes putting concertina wire, new infrastructure, identifying areas where currently construction is going on and then hardening those areas and basically making it harder for anybody to cross through those areas,» he added. Lieutenant General Jeffrey S. Buchanan of the US Army North confirmed that more than 5,700 troops have been deployed across the southwest border, noting that «this is a military support of law enforcement mission. We are not here in a law enforcement role.» «We are helping to harden the border, so we are taking military engineers and helping to control access to the ports, and deter access between the ports,» Buchanan added.

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