USA: Border patrol agent hold mass exercises in New Mexico

US Border Patrol held a Mobile Field Force exercise in Sunland Park, New Mexico on Friday, with dozens of agents — some in full riot gear — participating. US Border Patrol agents can be seen marching in formation in riot gear and carrying batons as they practise shouting out orders in both English and Spanish. «What you saw today are approximately 30 highly trained individuals, agents from the... Еще US Border Patrol, from different divisions — from Hoarse Patrol to Special Operations Detachment, to Mobile Field Force and Mobile Response Team that would be called to assist in the security of these areas in case anything happens like this,» explained US Border Patrol agent Ramiro Cordero. The exercise took place amidst a ramping up of security along the US-Mexico border, due to the arrival of thousands of Central American migrants attempting to gain entry and claim asylum in the United States.

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