USA: Blond, tan and inflatable — NYC artists RAT on Trump

A giant inflatable 'Trump Rat' was blown up in front of Central Park south east entrance at Fifth Ave. and 59th St. ahead of US President Donald Trump's arrival to his hometown, New York City, Monday. The giant inflatable rodent bears the same skin and hair pigments as the US President and is ornamented with confederate and Russian flag pins. The artists behind the project say their... Еще inspiration came from blow-up rats which are often used by labour unions to protest unfair trade practices. One of the artists, Karen Brovin, explains,"This is a wonderful form of protest. The Latin on the press release we put 'Castigat ridendo mores' which means ridiculing, correcting morals through ridicule, and that's what we are really trying to do here.» Installation will be on display for three days.
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