USA: BLM activists vow to tear down Emancipation Statue in DC’s Lincoln Park

A group of 'Black Lives Matter' activists gathered at Lincoln Park in Washington DC on Tuesday to protest the Emancipation Statue, which depicts former President Abraham Lincoln standing over a kneeling, recently freed African-American slave. Moreover, the protesters promised to return to the park Thursday night to topple the controversial statue. «This statue right here embodies the white supremacy and the disempowerment of black people that is torn upon us by white people,» said Glenn Foster, Freedom Neighbourhood activist. He continued: «This statue represents something that is far worse for black people. It shows that we are going to get our freedom on their time and that's not the case.» Also on Tuesday, DC Congresswoman Eleanor Norton announced plans to introduce legislation to remove the statue from the park. US President Donald Trump has already assured his supporters that he would stop the «left-wing mob» from tearing down statues of prominent figures of US history while speaking at a rally in Phoenix the same day.

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