USA: Blessed be thy protest! 'Handmaids' protest Mike Pence in NYC

Dozens of red-clocked 'handmaids' marched to the Alexander Hamilton Customs House in New York City's Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, to protest against Vice President Mike Pence. Women dressed like the characters of the dystopian book-based series 'The Handmaid’s Tale' equipped with signs and placards chanted slogans against the Trump-Pence administration. “Trump makes us realise everything we... Еще thought was over is still here. Everybody thinks racism is dead, is still here. Everybody thinks homophobia and hatred against woman, is still here,” said a protester. According to '' group who called on the protest, Vice President Mike Pence «is a Christian fascist theocrat for whom the Handmaid’s Tale is a model society.» The red cloaks and white bonnet costumes in 'The Handmaid’s Tale' represent the inferior position of females deemed as 'sinners' and whose sole purpose is to serve the men in ultra-Christian dystopian society.

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