USA: Biden promises to lift Muslim ban in 2020 foreign policy vision

From re-establishing the daily White House press briefings to lifting the Muslim ban, US former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden outlined his foreign policy vision in an address to the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City on Thursday. «American foreign policy I think has to be purposeful and inspiring based on clear goals driven by sound strategies, not by Twitter... Еще tantrums,» said Biden in a clear reference to the series of Twitter feuds fuelled by US President Donald Trump whom Biden called «dangerously incompetent and incapable.» «One recent poll on America's leadership is now less respected than China's and on a par with Russia's,» added Biden. Biden also touched upon the safety of electoral systems and integrity of campaign practices allegedly being swayed by Russia saying, «We ask candidates all across Europe and North America to sign a pledge committing to transparency in campaign finances and reject the use of fabricated and hacked material.» Biden also made a series of pledges to return the US to its core values saying, «We believe in freedom of religion that's why I'll end the Muslim ban… We believe in the power of free press, that's why I will return immediately to daily press briefings in the White House.»

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