USA: Biden makes final push for support ahead of New Hampshire primary

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made his final bid to voters at a campaign rally in Gilford, New Hampshire just ahead of Tuesday's primary. «Trump talks about the longest job growth in American history. One hundred and twelve months of increased employment and growth. Trump has only been president for 35 of those months,» Biden said. «But guess where he got... Еще that good economy from? Obama-Biden administration.» The presidential candidate added, «You know, Trump's going to tell us over and over again, the economy is on the ballot this year. It sure is. And I'm going to make sure he understands it's on the ballot because working-class and middle-class people are getting clobbered. But something else is on the ballot. Character is on the ballot. The character of this country is on the ballot.» He also told his supporters, «You don't have to stand while the president of the United States denies climate change, watches the planet burn, and attacks Greta Thunberg, a teenager for providing leadership that he should be providing.» Democratic presidential hopefuls are holding rallies across New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday's primary, the first in the nation after the Iowa caucuses which saw Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders leading the race.

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