USA: Ben Shapiro accuses the left of using 'mob politics'

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro took to the stage to attack his left-wing opponents at the fourth annual Politicon convention in Los Angeles on Sunday. “the left has engaged in a sort of mob politics where they grin and laugh when people's rights are shut down,” Shapiro said. Shapiro then went on to criticise the concept of hate speech, claiming «there is no such category under... Еще the constitution, or really in thought, as hate speech,» and added «if I go to Berkeley, then you'll see riots, literal riots if I go to Berkeley, because my speech is violence. When I went to Berkeley, requiring some 500 police officers, 600 police officers to protect the place, people outside were literally chanting speech is violence.» Commenting on the 2012 case in Colorado, where a bakery refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, Shapiro said this was evidence that freedom of religion «is being assaulted right now» and explained his position, saying: «I'm obviously not invading your rights, because I have no obligation to bake you a cake. It's my cake, it's my shop, you don't have a right to my cake.» Politicon describes itself as an unconventional political convention, which brings together important figures in American politics and entertainment for a weekend of political discourse, just ahead of the midterm elections.

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