USA: Baby Jesus put in cage as part of nativity scene highlighting immigration crises

A church in Dedham, Massachusetts, has put baby Jesus inside a black metal cage as part of a nativity scene aimed at creating a message about immigration, as seen on Friday. The Saint Susanna Parish church wants the nativity scene to shine a light on ongoing global refugee and immigration crises. Shielded by a screen of glass, the nativity scene features a sign with the message 'peace on... Еще earth?.' «The idea of the nativity scene was to mirror in the nativity what is happening in the world,» said Reverend Steve Josoma, head pastor at the parish. «So we put a fence there to illustrate the separation of peoples and we put a little barrier around Jesus to show the separation of families which is taking place at our border,» he explained. The scene has led to an outcry from some conservatives in the US but locally only a few people in the church’s community say it has crossed a line, said Reverend Stephen Josoma. «This kind of went national and it went viral and unfortunately some of that went on a lot of conservative networks who have been inundated with calls, a lot of them very angry, and a lot of them think its politicising,» he said. «I think people here are ok with that, I have only heard from like one or two here who thought it was crossing a political line,» he added.

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