USA: 'Autonomous Zone' residents in Seattle build gardens and establish food distribution

Organisers in Seattle's 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone' worked to establish food distribution and create shelter for residents on Saturday, after occupying several city blocks around an abandoned police precinct for several days. The zone's 'No Cop Co-op' has been accepting donations and giving food out for free, as organisers work to build an egalitarian system within their boundaries. «People come up and ask us what we need and then they go and buy it or bring it from their house and bring it here. And then we give it out to the people for free. It's just kind of — the whole idea is like, we can take care of each other if everyone kind of puts in the work to be part of the community,» said Jeff, who manages the food co-op and has taken the last name 'Everyone'. Many residents have brought tents to camp out inside the zone and provide assistance to the nascent society. «I came here and visited a few days ago, and I saw that they need occupation here. And they need some help with some of the stands, the tents, the donation centres. They're pretty well stocked for medics, but some other people are working really long days in order to keep this thing afloat, so I figured if I can be here as long as I can,» said Remy Shriver, a resident living in a tent. The zone has experienced periodic clashes as the group aims to maintain its peaceful occupations and manage its borders. On Friday, tens of thousands of people took part in a silent march in Seattle, and dozens of businesses closed after Black Lives Matter called for a state-wide general strike in recognition of the march.

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