USA: Attorney to Butina hails 'Russophobic times' in USA

Attorney to detained alleged Russian agent Maria Butina Robert Driscoll said that USA is ‘Russophobic’, during an interview with RT in Washington DC on Tuesday, July 31. «I am hesitating to say that it is completely apolitical because it’s hard to imagine a national of another country being treated the same way,» Driscoll said. He went on to say that «we're in a little bit of a Russophobic... Еще time here in the country.» He added that Maria Butina «produced thousands and thousands of pages of documents to the [Senate intelligence] committee. We answered every question they had and explained basically all the types of allegations that the governments made in this subsequent criminal case.» Butina was detained on July 15 over charges of conspiring against the US government and for failing to register as a foreign agent.

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