USA: Atlanta police bodycam footage reveals moments before Rayshard Brooks shooting *WARNING*

Atlanta's police department has released bodycam footage of the moments leading up to the shooting of Rayshard Brooks outside a restaurant in the city on Friday night. Officers can be seen knocking on the window of Brooks' car outside the Wendy's restaurant where he was reportedly asleep while in the drive-in lane and administering a breathalyser test. The footage from the police shows Brooks struggling with officers after they try to place him in handcuffs, before a struggle occurs with Brooks apparently getting hold of one of the officer's tasers. After the bodycam appears to fall to the ground one officer can be seen firing his taser, before gunshots can be heard. The 27-year-old had reportedly been found asleep in his car at the Wendy's drive-through. According to authorities, Brooks failed a sobriety test, a struggle broke out and he took one of the officers' taser before running away. On Saturday dozens of protesters gathered by the Wendy's where the incident happened, blocking the high way and setting the building on fire as tensions remain high with law enforcement since George Floyd's killing in Minneapolis. Atlanta's police chief Erika Shields has resigned in the wake of the shooting, while the officer alleged to have shot Brooks, Garret Rolfe, has been fired, and the other officer at the scene, Devin Bronsan, has been assigned administrative duties.

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