USA: Armed BLM protesters stand guard around Robert E. Lee statue

Armed Black Lives Matter protesters were seen taking part in a permanent vigil around Confederate general Robert E. Lee's statue, in Richmond, Virginia, on Saturday. «There has been talk of some white supremacy Klan people coming to attack innocent people. I'm just here to protect the people, I'm not here to cause any commotion or cause any trouble,» explained an armed protester, Bryan Justin Carter. Carter added that the statue is a constant reminder of oppression. «You have certain Confederacy people, certain Klan people, and certain Southern people who don't want to see it down. They want to keep it up to remind us of the oppression to keep us in the system and we are not having that,» he said. The vigil holds daily gatherings and protests against white supremacy, police brutality and for the removal of all Confederate monuments. The monument was seen covered in graffiti. Flowers and pictures of police brutality victims were laid on the ground in front of it. On Saturday, an white armed airport police officer was spotted on the roof of a building overlooking the Robert E. Lee statue. He was taken into custody and charged with trespassing.

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