USA: AOC joins Sanders' final rally before New Hampshire primary

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a campaign rally in Durham, New Hampshire on Monday, just ahead of Tuesday's state primaries. He was joined by one of his major allies, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). Addressing a crowd reportedly estimated at over 7,500, Sanders promised to «bring people together» in November's presidential election. «Donald Trump... Еще hopes to win re-election by dividing our people up, based on the colour of their skin, where they were born, their sexual orientation, their gender or their religion,» he said, adding that «it won't work.» During her speech, Ocasio-Cortez stressed the importance of mass movement politics in the fight against mass incarceration, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] and the Customs and Border Protection [CBP]. «That's the theory of change, that’s what political revolution is all about,» she said. US actress and activist, Cynthia Nixon was also seen campaigning for Sanders Monday night. The 'Sex and the City' star put a stop to Sanders' supporters from booing Hillary Clinton after she told the crowd she had supported the former secretary of state in the 2016 presidential election. «Oh no, we are not going to do that here,» Nixon replied when the large crowd began to boo in response to that statement, «I thought she was incredibly qualified and I thought she was unbeatable.» Democratic presidential hopefuls are holding rallies across New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday's primary, the first in the nation after the Iowa caucuses which saw Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders leading the race.

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