USA: Antifa rally against alt-right speaker Lauren Southern outside University of Minnesota

Some two hundred anti-fascist protesters gathered outside the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Wednesday, to protest against Canadian alt-right commentator Lauren Southern's speech at the campus. The protesters carried banners and signs with slogans such as «Stand up to Racism» while chanting slogans against Southern's visit. One of the demonstrators, Black Lives Matter activist John... Еще Thompson, addressed the crowd: «There is a reason Lauren Southern's Patreon pulled her account, because her actions were likely to cause loss if life because she was trying to drown refugees in the Mediterranean.» Southern has gained reputation by openly expressing extreme right-wing views on social media, and even joined in an effort to block Mediterranean refugee boats in May 2017. Her account on crowdfunding website Patreon was shut down earlier this year, the company citing «raising funds to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life» as the reason.
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