USA: Anti-racists confront «America First» protesters

Scores of pro-immigration activists faced demonstrators belonging to THE Trump-supporting group 'America First', in Laguna Beach, California, disrupting their rally on Sunday. While 'America First' protesters waved US flags and held banners demanding borders to be secured from illegal immigrants, counter-protesters chanted «Nazi punks fuck off» and held signs reading «We are all immigrants... Еще. Build bridges not walls.» Speaking of the counter-demonstration, the rally's organiser Johnny Benitez said: «The people here that are here to fight us, they are here to fight people that aren't here: they are here to fight Nazis, they are here to fight white supremacists, and they must be very disappointed that there aren't any.» After violent clashes such as those seen in Charlottesville, VA, a heavy police presence was deployed on the scene in order to avoid tensions from spilling over. Later in the day there was at least one physical altercation, with three arrests made according to police.
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