USA: Anti-lockdown protesters march outside Cuomo's residence

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters gathered in front of the State Capitol in Albany, New York, on Friday before marching to governor's mansion a few blocks away to protest the ongoing stay-at-home order put in place by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, which state officials say is essential to slowing the spread of coronavirus. Footage showed protesters chanting against the lockdown and holding... Еще up banners reading slogans such as «Flatten the curve not our rights!», «Elderly, sick, scared stay home» and «Cuomo is a dictator. Stand up for your rights.» «We are fighting for our constitutional rights, and our constitutional freedoms and our rights given to us by God,» said a protester, who added that «for every life that's lost for covid, I am sad, but for all the lives that have been changed or ruined because of the shutdown, I am more fearful.» Another protester claimed that «it is not about flattening the curve anymore, it seems like just taking more and more control.» «This guy [Governor Cuomo] doesn't care about them at all. What he cares about is his bottom line, that's what he always cares about,» said another protester. The anti-lockdown protesters were met by counter-protesters, one of whom expressed her disappointment to see a protest against the implemented restrictions. «It is very disappointing because people are throwing a tantrum to go outside, to get their hair done and their nails done,» she said. «Our main focus right now should be the health of the nation and figuring this out.» The United States as a whole has by far the largest outbreak in the world with over 1 million confirmed cases of the virus, while the state of New York, which is the worst-hit in the nation, has over 308,000 cases, more than any other country outside of the US, according to data gathered by John's Hopkins University. More than 24,000 people have died with the virus in the state as of Saturday.

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