USA: Anti-lockdown demo held in front of Michigan State Capitol

Anti-lockdown protesters, some carrying guns, were seen demonstrating in front of the Michigan State Capitol, Lansing, Thursday. People blamed Governor Gretchen Whitmer for extending stay-at-home order, with banners reading «Freedom is essential» seen being held during the demonstration. The «American Patriot Rally» was organised by Michigan United Liberty, with people demanding the end of... Еще lockdown and reopening of businesses. The governor extended the State of Emergency and State of Disaster until May 28, signing the Executive Order on Thursday. The stay-at-home order though remains prolonged until May 15, as its extension requires a new order to be signed. According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the US has registered 1,069,424 coronavirus cases with 62,996 deaths related to the virus. According to data released by the state of Michigan, the state has registered 3,789 deaths and 41,379 coronavirus cases.

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