USA: Anti-abortion campaigners stage Good Friday demo

WS protesters and rally CU signage WS signage I regret my abortion rally MS signage antiabortion rhetoric MS signage abortion at 21 weeks WS protesters rally goers CU woman on knees praying protester MS woman prays protesters march WS protester displays cross to Planned Parenthood rally attendees CU signage I stand Planned Parenthood CU signage for generations of pro-choice... Еще CU Planned Parenthood employee chokes up MS Protestors CU Volunteer calls for safe reproductive healthcare MS Protesters listening to sermon CU Singer on Rally side MS I’m a voice for choice signage MS woman who regrets abortion Hundreds of anti-abortion demonstrators held their annual Good Friday protest against a Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Paul Minnesota on Friday. The demonstration was blocked by a counter protest. One Protestor said, “politically incorrect share of individuals like those misguided souls on the other end of the street that are going to be telling us that were bigots will be persecuted if you're not getting persecuted you not doing it right.”

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