USA: American University lifts lockdown following 'armed intruder' reports

Journalist: «Is there a press person on scene or a commander?» Police officer: «They haven't told us, I mean the commander staff is right over there in [the] Butler Pavilion. They are all over there.» Journalist: «The command staff is in Butler Pavilion?» Police officer: «Yes sir.» Journalist: «Running the operation over there? So you're just going building by building, sir?» Police... Еще officer: «Right now, yes sir. We're just doing building by building until we can actually clear and make sure the whole campus is safe, everything is pretty much on lockdown mode.» Journalist: «To be clear, this wasn't somebody threatening somebody or any kind of?» Police officer: «No, they just saw a man looking suspicious with a gun, so, I mean, he had a holster, we don't know if a security guard or an actual person would have done this.» Journalist: «It was over by New Mexico [Avenue] or?» Police officer: «Yes, right there on the [New] Mexico [Avenue], he was last seen coming up New Mexico towards Nebraska [Avenue].» Journalist: «Towards Nebraska [Avenue]?» Police officer: «Yes sir. So that's why the campus is on [lockdown] mode , because of the proximity. Okay?» The American University campus was on lockdown as a precaution for several hours in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, following reports of an «armed intruder» near the campus. A building-to-building search of the campus was conducted after local police received a call about an individual walking with an exposed handgun in the area of Nebraska Avenue NW at New Mexico Avenue NW. Following the call, authorities advised students and staff to shelter in place and lock doors. The lockdown was reportedly lifted at 16:38 local time (20:38 GMT). Openly carrying a firearm in public in Washington D.C. is prohibited for civilians.

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