USA: Amazon CEO Bezos reveals details of $2 bln charitable fund

SOT, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO: «Yeah, I do carry cash around and I have credit cards I have to show my driver’s license, you know.» SOT, Journalist: «But have you ever had your credit card denied?» SOT, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO: «I had my credit card denied.» SOT, Journalist: «So what do you say?» SOT, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO: «I give them another credit card, I say 'here try this one'.» SOT... Еще, Journalist: «And that would be...You said that you would give an initial two billion dollars. Do you expect to add to that?» SOT, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO: «It's day one. Everything I’ve ever done has started small. Amazon started with a couple of people and Blue Origin started with five people.» The richest person in the world, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, was a guest at the annual Milestone Celebration Dinner hosted by the Economic Club of Washington, in DC on Thursday. Earlier in the same day, Bezos and his wife MacKenzie Bezos pledged $2 billion (€1.71 billion) for a new fund to help homeless families and start a network of preschools in low-income communities, called Bezos Day One Fund. «There’s no doubt, we know for a fact that if a kid falls behind it’s really, really hard to catch up and if you can give somebody a leg up when they are two, three or four years old, by the time they get to kindergarten or first grade they are much less likely to fall behind,» he told the forum in DC. Bezos also defended the media, saying the press was an «essential component of our democracy.» He added, «it's dangerous to demonise the media» and said that presidents and other elected officials should be glad of the inevitable press scrutiny.

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