USA: Activists stage anti-Guantanamo rally outside White House

Dozens of activists staged an anti-Guantanamo rally outside of the White House in Washington DC on Thursday. Several protesters were detained. Activists were garbed in orange jumpsuits reminiscent of those worn by Guantanamo inmates and bore signs reading '41' for the 41 Muslim men that are still being held within the detention camp. Organiser of the event and member of Witness Against... Еще Torture Dr. Maha Hilal, stated that Guantanamo needs to be shut down and that the detention centre is «about institutionalised islamophobia.» Senior Staff Attorney at the Centre for Constitutional Rights Pardiss Kebriaei explained that eleven men are still being detained after 16 years in Guantanamo without charge. «It's unlawful under the US constitution, it's unlawful under the international law. It cannot continue. And that if their detention is to continue, the administration has to bring forward credible evidence and charge them. Otherwise they must be released,» she said.

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