USA: Activists restore BLM 'memorial wall' on WH fence

Activists gathered at Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington DC, on Tuesday, to restore the 'memorial wall' on the fence separating the street from the White House. US President Donald Trump supporters had reportedly torn the 'wall' down in recent demonstrations against the presidential election results. Protester Bethlehem Yirga said «we created this memorial wall for Black Lives Matter at the beginning of the summer. It grew and grew and grew, and it encompasses the entire fence. And it's very clear what it stands for.» The 'wall' mostly consists of banners and notes in memory of Black residents who died at the hands of police in the US as well as of anti-racism messages. «He uses the fence to separate himself from DC residents like myself, but DC residents decided that instead of being separated from the president, we are going to show him that this is what we are about. We are about helping people who have lost their lives. We are giving them a voice,» added Michael Cameron, a member of Black Lives Matter DC.

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