USA: Activists rally for 'innocent' ex-Black Panther Abu-Jamal as status hearing takes place

Dozens gathered outside of the Centre for Criminal Justice in Philadelphia on Tuesday to demand the release of ex-Black Panther member Mumia Abu-Jamal, who is serving life in prison for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer in 1981. Meanwhile inside the courthouse, a status hearing for Abu-Jamal was underway. Protesters held signs and demanded the imminent release of Abu-Jamal, who they... Еще claim was victim to allegations of judicial bias and conflict of interest during his appeal hearing back in August 2017. Prominent civil rights activist Pam Africa said she hoped that the current legal battle would give him a 'chance' for freedom. A former member of the Black Panthers and president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, Abu-Jamal was sentenced to death for the murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1982. After numerous appeals, that sentence was commuted to life imprisonment without parole in 2011. A new precedent set by the Supreme Court states could now strike down Abu-Jamal's original conviction as unconstitutional, citing evidence of «bias» and «unconstitutional involvement» by former District Attorney Ronald D. Castille in Abu Jamal's case. Abu Jamal's supporters have long claimed that he was framed for murder and suffered human rights violations in prison. A full court hearing has been set for April 30.

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