USA: 'A vontre sante' — Pence makes a stab at French in WH Macron lunch

SOT, Emmanuel Macron, President of France: «Cheers... thank you very much. I appreciate it.» SOT, Mike Pence, Vice-President of the United States of America: «Ladies and gentlemen, President Macron.» After a warm reception from the US President Donald Trump where he displayed his growing affections for his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, US Vice President Mike Pence also found the... Еще opportunity to share a few kind words on US-France long-distance relationship during a toast at the White House reception lunch on Tuesday. «May our friendship grow even stronger and may we never grow weary as we work together to forge a future of freedom and peace in our time,» Pence said before rising his bubbly to make a toast in French, with a beaming Macron and a giggling audience. Such affection and intimacy didplayed during the visit glosses over growing tensions between the United States and its 'oldest ally' France over issues like the Iranian nuclear deal, continued intervention in Syria and a possible trade war.

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