USA: 'A different mindset' — Trump confirms sacking of Secretary of State Tillerson

US President Donald Trump confirmed the sacking of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, speaking from Washington DC on Tuesday, and suggested that Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Mike Pompeo would be a suitable replacement. On Tillerson, Trump said, «I actually got along with Rex, but really it was a different mindset, it was a different thinking,» claiming that despite getting... Еще along well, they had some difference in opinions with, such as on the Iran deal. Trump went on to say he believes Pompeo would be a great successor, and a person «more in line» of his own thinking. The US leader named CIA deputy director Gina Haspel as his pick for Pompeo's successor. Trump also said he would speak to British Prime Minister Theresa May regarding the Salisbury spy poisoning. He claimed that the US will condemn Russia should there be a proof of its involvement in the incident.

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