USA: 7 inmates dead during riot in S. Carolina max-security prison

SOT, Journalist: «So how did you find out about this incident?» SOT, Cynthia Jackson, Parent of Inmate:» We haven't found about a lot at all. There is calls about my son in cell. You know, and like somebody got hurt. You check on black rob. You like, what's going on? He hurt. He is a dead. So I am here now to see what's going on.» SOT, Journalist: «So you hear nothing from anyone about your... Еще son? So you don't hear a piece? Is everything ok?» SOT, Cynthia Jackson, Parent of Inmate: «I don't know. I can't say. I don't know what's going on. That's why I am here now. Walk up to the front and see what's going on right now. I am so disappointed in everything. Y'all have a blessed.» Seven inmates were killed and another 17 were seriously injured during eight hours of riot in South Carolina's largest maximum-security prison on Sunday, according to corrections officials. Officials at Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville said that the riot was probably caused by gang-related disputes over territory and contraband. A coroner said that it appears many died of stabbing and slashing wounds. The incident is reportedly the deadliest in recent history. The prison has been host to several security breaches in the past, including a high-profile hostage situation in 2012.

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