USA: 7,000 pairs of shoes cover Capitol lawn to protest gun violence

Thousands of shoes were displayed in front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC on Tuesday, one pair for each of the estimated 7,000 children who died from gun violence since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. The temporary memorial was set up early morning by activists from AVAAZ civic action movement to urge the Congress to take action and passing common sense gun laws... Еще. Tom Mauser, whose son Daniel was killed in Columbine in 1999, was present with two pairs of shoes. «The one pair of shoes, the white shoes, are the ones that were in his closet, and for the first five years after Columbine whenever I would speak at rallies or whenever I went to the state legislator to lobby I would wear those shoes. Five years after Columbine I was given his final effects and that included the shoes he was wearing that day so that's what I am wearing now,» he explained. «You know, I really want them to understand that this is a personal issue, this is not about ideology, this is the loss of lives and really it's shameful, it's shameful that America goes through this level of gun violence the way that we do,» stated Mauser. «These should be shoes worn by children running around, playing, jumping, and instead they are empty souls, and that's precisely why we are here, to deliver the Congress's doorstep the true vivid heart breaking cost of their inaction in gun violence», said director of AVAAZ campaign Neil Greenberg. According to local media, thousands of people donated their shoes for this action among them celebrities like Chelsea Handler, Alicia Milano and Bet Midler.

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