USA: 6 activists arrested whilst protesting proposed bill for gun owners

At least six activists from the group «Gays Against Guns» were arrested in Washington DC on Wednesday, while protesting a proposed bill for gun owners called 'Concealed Carry Reciprocity'. Protesters held a brief rally chanting « How many more have to die?» as the DC Capitol police moved in to carry out arrests. The reform sponsored by the US Senator form Texas John Cornyn has already passed in... Еще the House and now pending in the Senate. The bill would force every state to oblige concealed-carry gun permits issued in any other state, including those with more relaxed gun rules. The Gays Against Guns is an LGBT organisation calling for stricter gun laws. The group was formed a year ago, immediately after the Orlando Pulse night club shooting. According to Gays Against Guns founder J.W. Walker, the bill would prove dangerous for all Americans and will conflict with strict gun restrictions in the big cities like New York and Washington DC.

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