USA: 500,000 ordered to evacuate as Texas braces for hurricane Laura's landfall

Residents of Port Arthur boarded up their homes and filled sandbags on Wednesday, in preparation for the landfall of Hurricane Laura. Meanwhile, over 500,000 residents of Southeast Texas and neighbouring Louisiana were ordered to evacuate. «The people living down here, we prepare for [this] every year. You know, it ain't our first rodeo. We're prepared for this every year. Take my home — I prop the stuff, board my house up and be safe,» said Randall Jones, one of the Port Arthur residents who was filmed boarding up his home. «I've got a generator, I've got ice full of water, and a case full of ice, food. And you know, a little beer. I'm alright,» added Jones. Antonio Lennard, another Port Arthur resident, was filmed filling up sandbags. «We came to get the sand, we're probably going to put in front of the front doors, outside the patios, to try and maybe block off garages the best we can, so nothing can get in there,» he said. Hurricane Laura is expected to hit the coasts of Louisiana and Texas within the next 24 hours, and has caused the evacuation of more than 500,000 people within the area. It is reported the hurricane may even strengthen into a category four storm.

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