USA: 21 injured in Texas chemical plant explosion, none missing — police

SOT, Dean Hensley, Chief Investigator Fire Marshal Operations: “Yes, 21 people have been taken to a hospital.” SOT, Reporter: «Are there any air quality problems that anybody needs to be concerned about?» SOT, Dean Hensley, Chief Investigator Fire Marshal Operations: “At this time, no.” SOT, Reporter: «We heard there was someone missing in the beginning?» SOT, Dean Hensley, Chief... Еще Investigator Fire Marshal Operations: “There's nobody is missing. Everybody has been counted for.” SOT, Reporter: “What follows after this? Are you guys going to proceed with your investigation, what's going to take place?” SOT, Dean Hensley, Chief Investigator Fire Marshal Operations: “We are obviously still with the investigation, still doing that, like we said, we are at the hospitals now, talking to people and we are working with the facility here, and if there is anything we have to do we will work with the facility to do it, but right now everything is under control, so we are doing good.” *JUMPCUT AT SOURCE* Police confirmed that 21 people were injured after an explosion went off at a chemical plant near Houston in Texas on Saturday. «We have learned during the investigation that we had a pressure relief of a safety valve that led off some ethylene which caused a flash fire which caused the fire at the plant today and caused some of the injuries. We have a total of 21 employees that have been injured”, Chief Investigator Fire Marshal Operations Dean Hensley told the press. “As far as we know there have been no fatalities, we are still at the hospital attending those who were injured”, he added. Hensley also affirmed that there was nobody missing, as reported after the accident. The incident took place at the Kuraray America Eval factory in Pasadena, which produces chemicals. Some 250 people were reportedly at the plant at the time of the explosion.

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