USA: 21 Americans affected by sonic attacks in Havana — State Dept.

Journalist (English): «And how was — how was the request for information — this information to the North Koreans relayed to them? Were they --» Heather Nauert, US State Department spokesperson (English): «I — well, we don’t have an embassy there, so I imagine --» Journalist (English): «Did you ever actually even ask the North Koreans for this information?» Heather Nauert, US State Department... Еще spokesperson (English): «I imagine that that was done. I don’t know for a fact how that was done with the instance of North Korea, but as you know, we have various channels of communication through other governments who could raise our concerns.» US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert confirmed that 21 American citizens fell victims of mysterious «sonic» attacks in Cuban's capital Havana since last year, when speaking from a press conference in Washington D.C. on Tuesday. «That number could change,» added Nauert. Since late last year U.S. diplomats and their families have suffered a variety of physical symptoms including brain damage and hearing loss as a result of what's been described as «health attacks.'' U.S. investigators have yet been unable to determine the causes of the attacks as well as who is behind them, however, it is believed that the victims could have been affected by some sort of sonic device. Nauert also commented on the recent expansion of the US President Donald Trump's travel ban list that now include nationals from Chad, Venezuela and North Korea, while Sudan has been removed.. «Not a lot of North Koreans come to the United States. That is true, but here’s the information we get from North Korea: basically zip. We want to get information,» said the spokeswoman although refraining from providing any details on how the information had been previously requested.

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