USA: 15,000 troops could be deployed at border to stop 'migrant caravan'

Journalist: «Do you think somebody is funding the caravan? Do you think anybody is paying for the caravan?» Donald Trump: «I wouldn't be surprised. I wouldn't be surprised.» Journalist: «George Soros? Who's paying for it?» Donald Trump»: «I don't know who, but I wouldn't be surprised. A lot of people say yes.» Donald Trump told the press that he will send up to 15,000 military personnel to the... Еще border to prevent people from the 'migrant caravan' from entering the United States, speaking from Washington DC on Wednesday. «We'll go up to anywhere between ten and fifteen thousand military personnel on top of border patrol, ICE and everybody else at the border,» Trump said, adding: «nobody is coming in, we are not allowing people to come in.» The US government will stop releasing migrants after apprehending them until their citizenship hearing because according to Trump «it's very unfair» to US citizens. «We're not doing any releases any more, we're not gonna release and let them never come back to trial.» «We'll build ten cities, we'll build whatever we have to build, in terms of housing, but we're not doing releases,» Trump said, referring to migrants who will have to await their hearing locked up. He concluded by repeating that the «caravan» is full of «dangerous people» who «are not coming into our country.» The US President also called the birth right citizenship policy that exists in the US «ridiculous.»

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