USA: 118-mile Charlottesville March to Confront White Supremacy reaches DC

Protesters marching against hate, racism, fascism and white supremacy finished the last leg of their 118 mile (190km) journey from Charlottesville to Washington DC, Wednesday, arriving at Martin Luther King's memorial before marching past the White House. Protesters sang chants denouncing US President Donald Trump and white supremacy, and held banners reading «confront white supremacy» and «no... Еще! In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept fascist America». «Now is the time to pick a side», organiser of the march Nicole Carty said before offering the ultimatum to either stand alongside «white supremacists and Nazis, the people who are implementing white supremacists policies or stand up for our sheared values for an America where everybody can thrive and belong.» The protesters set up tents in a nearby park, where they plan to stay in vigil until the end of September.
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