US: Trump proclaims 'We love the European Union' despite tariffs

US President Donald Trump said that it was «time for us to get smart» in dealing with trade partners including the European Union and China, speaking from Washington DC on Wednesday. «So we want to make fair deals, but we want those deals to be reciprocal,» Trump said. The US President also confessed «we love the European Union,» before noting «they make $151 billion a year. There's no... Еще company like that.» «We have countries that are friends. They have tremendous trade surpluses, and they have barriers that our farmers can't deal in that country. And yet, they'll send us millions of cars and make a fortune,» added the US President. US and EU are now currently in the troughs of a trade war with the US imposing tariffs on European steel and aluminium and the EU responding with similar measures imposing barriers for certain American goods.

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