US: Trump pledges to guard US-Mexico border with military until wall complete

«Until we can have a wall and proper security, we're going to be guarding our border with the military,» US President Donald Trump said during a luncheon with leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in Washington on Tuesday. Regarding the US-Mexico border, Trump said the US doesn't have strong borders as the Baltic States have. «It's like we have no border because we had Obama make changes... Еще. President Obama made changes that basically created no border. It's called catch and release,» he said. Trump also spoke about the caravan of migrants from Central America, stating «I just noticed that the caravan now, which is toward the middle of Mexico, coming up from Honduras, is breaking up very rapidly» because Mexico “has very strong immigration laws». Trump has previously expressed concern over a so-called caravan of migrants, made up of over 1,200 people, coming from Central Mexico towards the US’s southern frontier, with hopes of obtaining asylum.

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