Uruguay: Thousands participate in convoy in Montevideo on May Day

Thousands of workers in cars, motorcycles and bicycles participated in a massive convoy on a May Day protest in Montevideo on Friday. The Unique Worker's Central of Uruguay (PIT CNT) organised several motorcades to commemorate the International Workers' Day, while respecting coronavirus safety regulations. The convoys departed from different points of the city to reach the Libertador Avenue... Еще. Footage shows the motorcade that left from the Plaza Colon, passing next to the Legislative Palace and arriving to the Libertador Avenue. Demonstrators with flags cheering the passage of the convoy can also be seen. «The health crisis is quickly turning into a social crisis and an economic crisis. We demand] the development of a transitional income to cover the people who have been left without any income, price controls so that there are no abusive prices for basic necessities, and also the guarantee of no layoffs and no salary cuts,» explained Marcelo Abdala, secretary general of the PIT CNT. According to reports, at 7:45 PM (10:45 GMT) a message from the PIT CNT will be broadcast on public television and then, at 8:00 PM (23:00 GMT), citizens will come out to applaud for five minutes.

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