UN: Wounded Houthis evacuated for treatment

Fifty wounded Houthi fighters were evacuated from Yemen to neighbouring Oman for treatment, paving the way for peace talks after four years of civil war, confirmed United Nations spokesperson Farhan Haq at a press briefing in New York on Monday. «There is a plane that has left Yemen today heading for Oman. And we hope that that will help deal with the situation of some of the wounded members of... Еще the Ansarullah side,» he said. Haq also noted that «if everyone is able to get to Muscat safely, that would be an important confidence-building step among the parties.» During the press event, the official also commented on the visit of UN Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths, who arrived earlier on Monday in Sanaa to reportedly hold last-minute talks with the representatives of Houthi forces. «We will see when we can announce the dates for talks. But we are hopeful that it will happen in fairly short course,» Haq said. Fighting between Saudi-led coalition forces and Houthi fighters flared up again around Hodeidah in November despite the UN pushing for a resumption of peace talks. The first round of UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva failed last September after the Houthi delegation failed to show up. Since the conflict began in 2015, Yemen has been plunged into a humanitarian crisis.

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