UN: ‘We need to cool the hotheads down’ — Lavrov on N. Korea crisis

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has stated that the «slow-motion mine» left by the previous US administration under current relations with Russia, is preveting progress in solving conflict in Syria at a press conference at UN head quarters in New York on Friday. Minister Lavrov described the previous adminstration as «vindictive», outlining that progress in working with the US in solving... Еще any conflict is impossible due to the US's preoccupation with making «political signals». He stated «In order to effectively finish off terrorists, it is necessary not just to have some deconflicting, coordination is needed, and coordination is forbidden with the US military». Lavrov also commented on the recent Trump remarks of threatening «all out war» on North Korea, warning that while it is «unacceptable to be silent» about North Korea's recent nuclear activity, it is also unacceptable to «unleash a war on the Korean peninsula». or UN: Lavrov — “unacceptable to unleash a war» over North Korean nuclear threat Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the US that a global-scale war on North Korea would be ��\x9Cunnacptable” during his press conference at UN head quarters in New York on Friday. Minister Lavrov has stated that while the UN must not “remain silent” over North Korea’s nuclear threat, he also stated his belief that “all-out-war” to be would be the wrong path to choose. He warned that “If these threats are to be translated into the language of practical actions, then this [global-scale-war] is what we are talking about.» Lavrov also cited poor US-Russian relations for the lack of progress in solving Syria conflict, stating that the previous US administration had left a “slow-motion mine” that is hindering current communication. ref — https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2017-09-22/the-latest-un-official-says-7-million-yemenis-get-food-aid


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