UN: US must refrain from moves that might provoke

Vasili Nebenzia, Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations (English): «No. I'm not expecting this. Our mission to the United Nations is in fact, and should be, out of the calculations of our bilateral missions because it is a separate diplomatic entity which is credited to the United Nations, not to the United States.» *JUMP CUT AT SOURCE* Vasili Nebenzia, Russia's Permanent... Еще Representative to the United Nations (English): «Because the de-escalation zones in Syria are progressing. One has been installed, another is in Ghouta and now we are discussing the one that is north of Homs that is being patrolled by the Russian police. We offered our colleagues, and in fact, we encouraged the United Nations to step up their humanitarian assistance to those de-escalation zones, saying that our police would ensure that this humanitarian assistance would go to the right hands. People who are returning to their homes in the zones are in dire need of any kind of assistance, so we are encouraging the watcher and our partners to take that into account, and to step up their humanitarian affairs, activities in these zones, in these areas.*JUMP CUT AT SOURCE* Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasili Nebenzia warned the US to remain calm and refrain from any provocative moves that could spark another party into “actions that might be dangerous,» when speaking to journalists after a United Nations Security Council meeting in New York on Wednesday. «Look, who am I to engage in a conversation with the president of the United States? But we noted what he was saying,» Nebenzia said, in reference to US President Donald Trump's remark that he would unleash “fire and fury” against North Korea if it kept threatening the US. Nebenzia explained that Russia is ready to offer support to encourage dialogue over the situation on the Korean Peninsula, adding that an element of sensitivity is needed. “We should give it time because the tensions are too high at the moment,» he stated. When asked about whether he had received notice on losing Russian staff from the UN mission, Nebenzia stated that the mission at the UN is exempt from the «calculations» of Russia and the US’ bilateral missions. Nebenzia concluded with an update on the state of de-escalation zones in Syria. He explained that Russia encouraged the United Nations to increase their humanitarian assistance to inhabitants of the de-escalation zones, and that Russian military police on the ground would ensure such aid passes to those who need it.
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