UN: UN resolution 'human rights racket' against N. Korea — DPRK ambassador

North Korean ambassador, Jan Song Nam, stated that the resolution adopted at the UN earlier in the day is a «human rights racket» against his country by the US and «its vassal forces,» when speaking at the UN headquarters in New York, Tuesday. The EU and Japan-led resolution, which takes aim at North Korea's human rights abuses, was adopted without a vote by the UN General Assembly's human... Еще rights (UNGA) committee. «Now the US and its vassal forces are more desperate in their human rights racket against the DPRK, while resorting to the unprecedented military threat and blackmail sanctions and pressure against it,» argued Jan. According to the North Korean diplomat, the «indiscriminate blockade» which is being imposed against his country «under the pretext of implementing the sanctions resolutions» has cut the delivery of «medicine for patients, disabled persons, mothers and children» and created obstacles to the production of educational equipment and «nutritional food for children.» Japanese ambassador, Koro Bessho, stressed that North Korea «continues to divert their resources into pursuing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles over the welfare of its people. Such a decision itself constitutes a serious human rights violation.» Mandatory credit to: UNTV

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